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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Karate develop me physically?

A student of Karate develops – cardiovascular system, coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, and self-defense skills. Self-confidence is also improved through physical fitness. Daniel Pope also places a big emphasis on goal setting for each student.

What will it teach me mentally?

What most people don’t realize is that Karte is an overall growth process. Individuals will develop emotionally as well as physically.

How often should I train?

Members should attend at least two to three formal classes a week.

Who can learn?

Any man, woman or child can learn Mixed Martial Arts skills.Children can start at the age of 4.We make sure that our kids do not get bullied.We have designed a program geared especially for children. One of the most important elements in a child’s development is confidence. We not only teach karate; we also teach confidence. Many parents have told us that their children have shown remarkable improvement in their school work and their attitude since they have enrolled in our school.

When can I start?

You may begin at any time during the year and as soon as possible. When a student first starts they will be placed in beginner classes so that they can train at their own pace.

If you have what it takes, give Mr. Pope a call at 610-622-6601.

Contact Daniel Pope Karate to Start Your Classes Today!