Volume I

The Adventures of Dayne Traveler

Volume II

The Adventures of Dayne Traveler: Reflections

Volume III

Dayne Traveler: The Adventure Continues...

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What People Are Saying About Daniel Pope's Books:

The Adventures of Dayne Traveler

"I love when people attack life as a bold and daring adventure, and this guy makes Tarzan’s adventures look tame!” 
, Best-Selling Author of I Feel Great and You Will Too! and Lead or Get Off The Pot!

“I once read, ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.’  This pretty much sums up Dayne’s adventures. And his style of story telling makes me feel like I’m right in the thick of the action. I find myself embracing Dayne’s determination and positive nature!"
, Philadelphia Flyers.

“If you think you can’t live an over-the-top lifestyle in Philly, Daniel Pope’s alter ego shows that you are wrong.” 
, Columnist
Philadelphia Daily News

"Dayne Traveler's stories are great reading. Dayne experiences the thrills that most of us only dream about." 
, Host 
"Philadelphia Agenda" WOGL-FM 

“In life, people can choose to be a fountain or a drain.  Dayne Traveler is obviously the Trevi Fountain of our times… giving positive energy and determination to every endeavor or obstacle that comes his way.”
, Director of Fun & Games
Philadelphia Phillies

“Like Atomic Ski, Dayne Traveler’s adventures are exciting, and we are proud to sponsor him with all of his ski equipment needs.”

Proud Sponsor 2005-2007 
, Marketing Director
Atomic Ski, 

“This is good storytelling! The stories are sheer fun to read, provocative, and thoughtful. Highly recommended for anyone feeling they are in a rut!”
, Professor, Department of Communications
Villanova University

“I think many of us, especially we guys, fantasize about living the daring life that this guy has lived. He is, in a sense, the ‘suburban Indiana Jones.’ If I don’t have the nerve to kayak down wild rapids, visit bears in their winter den, or fly a powered parachute, I’ll have to settle for living vicariously through Dayne.” 
, Best Selling Author and President, Ascension Press

Dayne Traveler is the Bear Man of the East Coast. I’ve enjoyed sharing my backyard, Yellowstone Park, with him. I’ve seen more grizzlies with Dayne than with any other guests I’ve ever guided.” 
, Owner/Operator 
Grubb Stake Expeditions

The Dayne Traveler series of books catalogues Daniel Pope AKA Dayne Traveler's adventures and travel stories into exciting and inspirational books sure to give you a new perspective on life.

Daniel Pope AKA Dayne Traveler gives full credit to the Lord Jesus Christ for all of his life accomplishments.

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